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our process

The steps we take with you to get the job done

First Step

Planning and brainstorming

To begin with, our Canadian team will connect with you to discuss your ideas. Don’t fret: we will sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement that you have at the ready. You can feel at ease knowing your design is safe with us. We will find solutions for even your boldest concepts to make sure your bag stands out. If you allow us, we can also make non-intrusive suggestions for how you can streamline features
and save time and money.

Second Step

Materials selection 

Some of our customers come to us with professionally detailed designs including their choice of materials, and others bring only their design outline and are looking for ideas for their materials. Regardless of how detailed your design is – we will work with you until the inputs are defined to the point where we can quote and eventually make samples for you.

Third Step

Sample production and final product approval

We don’t mean just pictures or drawings. We are talking about actual products – bags that you can see, touch, feel, admire, and build on.

Fourth Step

Final production and delivery to client

At Art & Carry we are entirely transparent about our choice of suppliers and we make sure that they align with your brand’s image and message. We work exclusively with Vietnam-based bag manufacturers and we generally source the leather, fabric, and accessories locally. Our Vietnam team will manage your project hands-on, this allowing us to offer you cost-effective solutions and to assure supplier responsiveness and accountability.